Andrey Krupynskyi Doctor of Medicine, Professor, First Protomedic of Galicia, First Rector of Lviv Collegium of Medicum (11.11.1744-27.04.1783) COLLEGIUM MEDICUM (1773-1784 biennium). Lviv Institute of Nursing and Laboratory Medicine by Andrey Krypinskyi is one of the oldest higher education institutions not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. On October 1, 2015, he was 243 years old. OBSTETRICS SCHOOL AT THE UNIVERSITY OF Lviv 1784-1875 Andrei Krupynskyi took care of the foundation of the university in Lviv. The imperial decree on its opening appeared in October 1784. The university took place in November of the same year with the faculties: theological, philosophical, legal and medical. In 1784-1786, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine was the Vice-Rector of the Medical College Jakob Kostshevskyi, an associate of Andrei Krupynskyi. THE EMPIRE-ROYAL OBSTETRICIANS’ SCHOOL IN LVIV (1875-1918). The noble activity of the Lviv obstetric school did not cease even during the reorganization of the University and the Faculty of Medicine. STATE OBSTITUTION SCHOOL IN LVIV (1919-1939). After the collapse of Austria-Hungary and the transition of Western Ukraine under Polish rule in 1919, the Imperial-Royal School of Midwives in Lviv was renamed the State Midwifery School with a Terry Bachelor’s School . Lviv Feldsher-Obstetrician School (1939-1954). In the autumn of 1939, the educational institutions of Lviv were reorganized. LVIV MEDICAL SCHOOL (1954-1993). In order to improve secondary medical education in Ukraine, in July 1954 secondary medical schools were reorganized into medical schools. Secondary education is gradually becoming a basic education. This enabled the students to more consciously choose their future profession, to acquire special knowledge more deeply. LVIV STATE MEDICAL COLLEGE (1993-1998). A college has emerged in a large family of medical schools in Ukraine (approximately 110 of them). It is this status - the status of medical college with the right to carry out educational activities at the I-II educational and qualification levels (for the training of junior specialists and bachelors), granted to the Lviv Medical College... LVIV STATE MEDICAL COLLEGE by ANDREY KRUPYNSKYI (since 1998). In accordance with the decision of the State Accreditation Commission of Ukraine of June 20, 2000, the protocol № 27, the college was recognized as certified in all specialties and in general (certificate of attestation of the PD-P series No. 143129). On September 30, 2015, by the order of the Lviv Regional Council, the Lviv Medical College was awarded the status of the Higher Educational Communal Institution of Lviv Regional Council “Lviv Institute of Nursing and Laboratory Medicine by Andrey Krupynskyi”.