Chair of Surgical and Stomatological disciplines


Head of Chair: Grabovska Tetyana, Candidate of Medical Sciences, author of more than 27 publications


Members of the chair:

Kunets O., Shveda Y., Khorkava B., Didukh O., Yavorskaya N., Goncharov M., Podsutkevich M., Mykyta M., Amizyan A., Voytyuk O., Konyukh R., Nazar S., Stetsa T., Rudnitskaya Y., Parfenyuk M., Tisnovets I.

List of Disciplines, conducted by the chair members:

1. Nursing in Surgery

2. Surgery

3. Nursing in Obstetrics

4. Nursing in Gynecology


6. Gynecology

7. Reproductive Health and Family Planning

8. Military medical training and emergency medicine

9.Anesthesiology and intensive care

10. Surgical diseases

11.Nursing in Oncology

12. Surgery and Massage in Surgical Diseases

13.Clinical Nursing in Surgery

14.Surgery with Evaluation of Research Results

15. Obstetrics and Gynecology with Evaluation of Research Results

16. Oncology with evaluation of results research

17. Gynecology and massage

18. Therapeutic dentistry

19.Pediatric dentistry

20.Prevention of dental diseases

21.Dental materials, equipment and tools

22.Tooth surgery and maxillofacial traumatology

23.Fundamentals of orthodontics and orthopedic dentistry

24. X-ray of teeth and jaws

25. Physiotherapy in dentistry

26. Aesthetic dentistry with the basics cosmetology

27. Emergency care in dentistry

28.Dental care for the population and preventive medicine

29.Dental material science

30. Anatomy and physiology with elements of biomechanics of the human chewing apparatus

31.Modeling of the anatomical shape of the teeth

32. Technique of making fixed dentures

33. Technique of making removable dentures

34.Technique of making denture prostheses

35. Technique of making orthodontic structures in childhood

36. Modern technologies of manufacturing dentures

Scientific and Methodical Work:

According to the disciplines taught by the teachers of the chair, the following has been developed: methodological recommendations for independent study of the disciplines; audio lectures; methodical recommendations for practical classes: “Periodontal Diseases”, “Dental Deposits”, “Inflammatory Periodontal Diseases. Periodontics”, “Basic principles of treatment of periodontal diseases”, “Production of soldered bridge prosthesis with facets”, “Surgical, orthopedic and orthodontic methods of treatment of periodontal diseases”, “Methods and means of occupational oral hygiene”, “Hygiene training and education - one of the main links of primary prevention of dental diseases”, “The role of environmental factors, nutrition, antenatal and associated pathology in the prevention of major dental diseases”, “Prevention of periodontal diseases and oral mucosa”. Methodical recommendations for practical training on the discipline “Nursing in Oncology”, “Care of patients with head injuries”, “ Care of patients with surgical diseases of the head”, “Care of patients with injuries of the neck”, “Pelvic anomalies’, “irth anomalies”.