Student Council

Student Council

Provisions on the Student Council of the Higher Educational Communal Institution of Lviv Regional Council “Andrey Krupynsky Lviv Medical Academy”

I. General provisions

1.1. The Student Council of the Academy is a student self-government body formed to ensure that students fulfill their responsibilities, protect their rights and freedoms, and create the conditions for the fullest disclosure of the creative potential of student youth through the activities of student self-government bodies.

1.2. The Student Council of the Academy acts on the principles of voluntariness, equality of all its members, self-government, law and publicity.

1.3. The Student Council in its activity is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine and the legislation of Ukraine, normative acts of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and this Regulation.

II. Purpose and tasks of the Student Council

2.1. The purpose of the Student Council is to represent and protect the social, economic, creative, spiritual and other interests of the students of the Academy.

2.2. The Student Council promotes the harmonious development of the student's personality, the formation of the skills of the organizer and manager.

2.3. The main tasks of the Student Council are: to promote the development of student self-government in the Academy; ensure constant communication and interaction between the administration and student self-government bodies; promotion of students' educational, scientific and creative work; promoting, securing and protecting the rights and interests of students, in particular with regard to the organization of the educational process; provision of proper living and resting conditions for students; creation of various student circles, societies, associations, clubs of interests; organization of cooperation with students of other higher education institutions and youth organizations; promotion of employment of graduates; participation in international student exchange issues and more.

III. Legal status of the Student Council of the Academy

3.1. The Student Council of the Academy begins its activity upon approval by the Rector of this Regulation.

3.2. The Student Council of the Academy, in accordance with the procedure established by law and for the fulfillment of its tasks, has the right: to represent and protect the legitimate rights and interests of students in state bodies and public organizations; disseminate information to students about the goals and purpose of the student council of the Academy; organize lectures, reports, talks and consultations on a range of issues arising from the purpose and objectives of the student council; facilitate the development of international student cooperation, organize joint events with representatives of foreign educational institutions; to receive from the administration of the institute the information necessary for the realization of its goals and tasks; to carry out other measures arising from the purpose of activity of the student council of the Academy and which are not prohibited by the current legislation; to create temporary and permanent commissions, if necessary, to involve students, activists of student self-government, officials of the Academy in the established order; to hold scientific conferences, seminars, meetings on matters within its competence, etc.

3.3. The Academy Student Council is obliged to: inform the students about their activities in forms not prohibited by the current legislation; fulfill other undertakings that do not conflict with applicable law.

IV. Structure of the bodies of the Student Council of the Academy and their powers

4.1. The bodies of the student council of the Academy are: General meeting of the student collective (conference); Student Self-Government Coordinating Council; Student councils of faculties.

4.2. The supreme governing body of the Academy is the Conference, which meets at least once a year. Student self-government bodies delegate their representatives to the Conference. Extraordinary meetings of the Conference shall be convened by the Student Council of the Academy, or at the request of at least one third of the general staff.

4.3. A conference is considered valid if at least two-thirds of the elected delegates are present.

4.4. The Conference shall elect a chairman who directs the work of the Conference and a secretary who maintains the minutes of the Conference and signs it with the chairman.

4.5. For matters that are exclusively within the competence of the Conference, decisions shall be taken by a qualified majority (2/3) of the delegates present at the Conference. Of all the other issues decided by the Conference, decisions are taken by a simple majority (50% + 1) of the delegates present at the Conference.

4.6. Powers of the Conference: - Adoption of the Regulations on the Student Council of the Academy, introduction of amendments and additions to it; - approval of the staff of the Student Council of the Academy; - listening to the report of the student council of the Academy on the results of activity and evaluation of its work; - determination of the main directions of activity and development of the Student Council; - approval of plans of its activity; - initiating the decision on reorganization or liquidation of the Student Council, etc.

4.7. The Conference is empowered to resolve any other relevant issues.