Dean of the Faculty №1


Candidate of Sciences in Public Administration

1991-1997studied at the Medical and Prophylactic Faculty in Lviv Medical University

where has received higher medical education in the specialty Doctor epidemiologist, professional pathologist, hygienist.

1997-1998passed internship in the field of Infectious Diseases and received the certificate of the specialist Infectious Disease Doctor.

1998-2008 worked at Medical College “Monada” as a Deputy Director of Practical Training.

2014-2018 was studying for a postgraduate degree at the Department of Public Administration at Lviv Regional Institute for Public Administration of the National Academy for Public Administration under the President of Ukraine.

In 2019 has defended a PhD thesis at the Classic Private University (Zaporizhzhia) on the topic Improving the mechanisms of state regulation of the provision of medical care and services to secondary medical personnel in Ukraine”.

Since 2019Lecturer at the Department of Internal Medicine.

The secretary of the Dean’s Office: Krasutska Maria Bogdanivna Address of the Dean’s Office: Lviv, Doroshenko str., 70. Tel. 0322 261-51-47 E-mail:

Faculty 1 of “Andrei Krupynskyi Lviv Medical Academy” is the largest faculty of the Academy, opened in 1997. During its existence, the faculty has trained more than 2500 Bachelors of Nursing and 7 Masters of Nursing who work not only in Ukraine but also in the countries of Western Europe, the USA, and Canada.

Currently, 300 students are studying at the Faculty.

The faculty employs 49 lecturers, including 1 Doctor of Science, 1 Full Professor, 8 Assistant Professors, 18 Candidates of Sciences. Among them: 1 Honored Doctor of Ukraine, 4 Honored Public Education Workers of Ukraine.

Such scientific and pedagogical staff of the faculty allows to develop and implement the latest technologies, methods and scientific developments, and promotes their effective use in educational and medical processes.

At the faculty, where more than 300 students are studying, all the necessary conditions have been created for achieving the main goal – the training of a highly qualified specialist. Academic groups are formed by a small number of students, which makes it possible to individualize the educational process. There are lecture halls for conducting lectures, which are equipped with modern equipment. And clinical – near the patient’s bed and in the cabinets of functional, laboratory and instrumental diagnostics.

Twice a year Bachelors of the Specialty 223 Nursing and Bachelors of the Specialty 224 Technology of Medical Diagnostics and Treatment are graduated.

In 2019 was the first graduation of the Masters in Nursing.

It has become a tradition to hold students’ festivals on the initiative of the student’s self-government of the Academy.