Dean of the Faculty № 2



Candidate of Sciences in Public Administration, Honored worker of education of Ukraine

1997-2003 – Danylo Halytskyi Lviv State Medical University, Medical Faculty, Qualification – a Doctor.

2003-2004 – Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital, internship, specialist in Therapy.

2004 – Lviv State Medical College named after Andrei Krupynskyi. A teacher of academic disciplines: “Foundations of Nursing”, “Nursing in Family Medicine”, “Public Health and Public Nursing”.

2011 – defense of the thesis for obtaining the scientific degree of the candidate of science (PhD) in public administration on the theme “Mechanisms of Public Administration by Reforming Nursing in the System of Public Health of Ukraine”.

2013 – Lviv State Medical College named after Andrei Krupynskyi, Head of the Cyclic Commission.

2013 – the author of the typical programs in the academic disciplines: “Management and Leadership in Nursing”, “Management in Nursing”, “Psychology of Labor and Administration”, “Project and Resource Management”.

2014 – assigning of a qualification category “specialist of the higher category”.

2015 – Higher Educational Communal Institution of Lviv Regional Council “Institute of Nursing and Laboratory Medicine named after Andrei Krupynskyi”, Dean of the Faculty № 2: Nursing and Laboratory-Hygienic. I manage the educational, scientific, and methodological work of the Faculty in the process of training specialists in specialties 223 Nursing (specializations Nursing, Midwifery, Medical and Prophylactic Affairs), 224 Technologies of Medical Diagnostics and Treatment (specialization Laboratory Diagnostics), as well as students with disabilities (blind, deaf, with pathology of the musculoskeletal system).

2016 – a member of a working group on the development of the Standards of Higher Education in Ukraine on specialty 223 Nursing – second (Master’s) and third (PhD) degrees of higher education.

2015 – a Secretary of the Scientific and Methodological Committee of the Higher Education Sector of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

2016 – a member of a working group on the development of proposals for making changes to the Handbook of Qualification Characteristics of Specialists, Issue 78, “Health Care”.

2017 – a member of accreditation commissions on conducting accreditation expertise in Kivertsi Medical College and Transcarpathian Basic Medical College.

2017 – assigning of the pedagogical rank “Teacher-Methodist”.

Dean’s deputies: Zadoretska Olga Romanivna, Tisnovets Iryna Ivanivna The secretary of the Dean’s Office: Tkachuk Iryna Ihorivna Address of the Dean’s Office: Lviv, Doroshenko str., 70. Tel. 0322 261-53-12 E-mail:

Faculty № 2 of “Andrei Krupynskyi Lviv Medical Academy” provides educational services to higher education applicants for Junior Bachelor in the field of knowledge of 22 Health Care in Specialties 223 Nursing, specializations Nursing (full-time and evening forms of education (including students with vision disabilities) and Midwifery; 221 Dentistry, specializations Dentistry and Orthopedic dentistry full-time education.