Training students with special needs

Students live, study, feed and are able to receive various types of rehabilitation at the Lviv Interregional Center for Social, Labor, Professional and Medical Rehabilitation of the Disabled people. Considering the fact that students are visually impaired, the training is conducted only on the basis of the center. Students are admitted to health care facilities during industrial and undergraduate practice at the place of residence or at the request of the student. In 2006 the first enrollment of visually impaired students was done on the specialty “Nurse massager”.


Adaptation of the curriculum on the specialty “Nursing”: - for the visually impaired the content of the work programs on clinical disciplines include the methods of wellness and therapeutic massage; the period of training is shorten to 2,5 years in comparison with a 3-year model. Students use their own voice recorders at lectures. Students have the opportunity to use the available audio guides. At the practical classes students work with each other using models, relief layouts, phantoms with each other.

Along with receiving a specialty “Nurse massager”, they gain skills to work with a blindfolded personal computer. Students’ personal computers are equipped with programs for reading text files using language synthesis (screen-access programs) Students are involved in social activities, amateur activities, participation in the sports section (chess), circles. A group of students is assigned a head of the academic group, who takes care of them, maintains contact with their parents, helps them to solve everyday’s and social problems.

In 1998 the first enrollment of hearing impaired of students was done on the specialty “Laboratory diagnostics”.