Educational department

Educational department

Training department is a structural unit of the Higher Educational Communal Institution of Lviv Regional Council “Andrey Krupynsky Lviv Medical Academy” conducts planning, organization and management of educational activities, controls the quality and effectiveness of the educational process, accounting and reporting on issues of educational and methodological work.

The work of the educational department is headed by the Vice-Rector for Educational Work candidate of chemical sciences, teacher of the highest category, teacher-methodologist Larysa Soika.

Secretary of the Educational Department is Eva Tkachuk.

The main tasks of the educational department

Planning and organization of educational activities

Implementation of innovative approaches to the organization of the educational process, modern rules of record keeping in the activity of training units.

Work on preparation of statistical reports, reporting reports of the rector, Vice-rector for educational work.

Functions of the educational department

Planning and organization of the educational process.

Drawing up a schedule of the educational process for the academic year.

- Development of annual working curricula for each specialty, specialization and course. - Formation of groups by faculties and courses. - Schedule of training sessions. - Scheduling exams and differentiated tests. - Scheduling of final exams. - Carrying out organizational, preparatory and final work of the EC. - Provide deans and departments with forms of educational accounting records. - Preparation of a statistical report in the form of 2,3-NC. - Preparation of a statistical report on the movement of students. - Planning and monitoring the implementation of the annual training load of the departments, taking into account the existing legislative and regulatory documents, financing. - Control over the pedagogical load of the teachers of the departments (for a month, semester, academic year). - Control over the implementation by the Departments of the Work Curriculum, the approved schedule of classes, keeping accounting and reporting documentation. - The deans' fulfillment of requirements for keeping accounting records, orders of the rector and instructions of the Vice-rector for educational work on the organization of the educational process. - Participation in the preparation for the celebrations: "Dedication to students" and those dedicated to graduation of junior specialists and bachelors. - Provision, upon request, with the permission of the Academy’s management, of information and documents relating to the competence of the department. - Collection, processing and compilation of summary statistics regarding semester and yearly student achievements and student admissions gaps. - Collection of data on the results of the MFA, exam sessions on faculties, courses and disciplines, their analysis and preparation of statistical forms for the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.