Methodical department


Structural subdivision of the Higher Educational Communal Institution of Lviv Regional Council “Andrey Krupynsky Lviv Medical Academy”. The content of the activity of the educational and methodical office is determined by the Academy’s and departmental methodical work aimed at forming the professional qualities of future specialists. The teaching and training office works according to the plan approved by the Rector of the Academy.   smachalo ilch Employees: Ivanna Smachilo - the head of the educational and methodical cabinet, the Honored worker of education of Ukraine, the teacher of the highest qualification category, the teacher-methodologist. Pedagogical Experience - 37 y. Olga Ilchyshyn - Secretary of the Training and Methodology Cabinet.


Creating of an innovative environment, organizing of a system of work aimed at improving the professional skills, psychological and pedagogical culture of scientific and pedagogical workers, improving of their skills, activating creative potential and enriching the experience. Studying, generalization, implementation, dissemination of the best achievements in the field of modern psychological and pedagogical science and the latest educational technologies in the practice of work of scientific and pedagogical workers of the Academy. Organization and holding of educational-pedagogical events, scientific and practical conferences, subject olympiads, pedagogical and professional lectures, exhibitions, achievements of teachers, competitions, creative reports, meetings of methodical associations, seminars, Days of science and creativity, weeks of specialty. Promoting the participation of the teaching staff of teachers in scientific and methodical and creative and research activities, involving them in competitions of students' professional skills. Organization of participation of educational institution in city, regional, all-Ukrainian and international exhibitions, competitions. Methodical provision of certification and professional development of pedagogical staff. Informing teachers about regulatory documents in the field of higher education, scientific and methodical, educational and periodical professional publications, providing practical assistance in their use. Studying the needs and providing practical assistance to beginning teachers in improving their professional level, improving pedagogical and professional skills, in particular, during the period of preparation for their certification. Creation of foundations of regulatory legal and methodological documents, scientific, popular science, methodological literature, audio, video materials, electronic and visual printed materials of teachers. Formation of information database on the content of higher education, the latest pedagogical technologies, forms and methods of teaching, etc.


Provision of methodological assistance in the organization of the educational process in the form of normative and methodological documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Department of Education and Science of Lviv Regional State Administration:
  • current requirements for the content and structure of the main working documents of the teachers (curriculum type programs, work programs, scientific and methodological provision of classes, individual plans of teachers, etc.);
  • information on the structure and preparation for classes;
  • promotion of the latest pedagogical technologies and teaching aids for students;
  • information on types and forms of diagnostics of students' educational achievements, criteria for their evaluation;
  • methodical recommendations for organizing students' independent work and preparation for lectures, seminars, laboratory and practical classes;
  • creating multimedia presentations and use of the interactive whiteboard;
  • providing methodological assistance to beginning teachers in the design and maintenance of educational and methodological documentation;
  • generalization and promotion of advanced pedagogical experience of teachers of the educational institution on the most important problems of education and vocational training;
  • organization of exhibitions of educational and methodological literature, reviews and competitions; definition of scientific and methodological problems which are realized by the educational institution when planning and conducting demonstration classes in the "master class" (lectures, practical classes, seminars, laboratory classes), making proposals for further improvement of different directions of pedagogical activity;
  • information on international, all-Ukrainian, regional, city competitions of students and teachers and organization of their participation;
  • organizing and reviewing textbooks, textbooks, model programs, methodological recommendations and other teaching materials prepared by the Academy's teachers and other Higher Medical Educational Institutions;
  • assisting in the development of educational and methodological literature: information on basic provisions regarding the structure and design of scientific, educational and methodical literature, etc .;
  • coordinating the work of the basic methodological council on providing methodological assistance to medical schools in the region;
  • methodological advice on the educational, methodological and reporting documentation used in the educational process.