Practical training

Practical training

Practical training of students of the Higher Educational Communal Institution of Lviv Regional Council “Andrey Krupynsky Lviv Medical Academy” is carried out in accordance with the current normative documents (Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” of 13.03.2016, Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 690 of 07.12.2005 “On approval of the provision on the practice of students of higher medical and pharmaceutical educational institutions I-III level of accreditation” and aimed at more effective conducting of practical classes in the city health institutions according to their subject. Practical classes at the Academy are conducted in such a way as to provide each student with a workplace, to provide him with the objects of patient care, diagnostic and medical equipment. The Academy currently has:

  • 11 offices,

  • 29 laboratories,

  • 28 training rooms at health care facilities.

In order to develop professional skills and conditions, conditions for practical training in the laboratories of preclinical practice in the care of patients and medical manipulation technique, internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, physiotherapy, narrow disciplines were created. In addition, there are offices of disciplines in the cycles of humanitarian and social and economic training (history of Ukraine and philosophy, foreign language, business broadcasting) and natural science training (laboratories of hygiene with the basics of ecology, pharmacology, offices of anatomy, medical genetics, Latin language with medical terminology, medical genetics, medical informatics).

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Practical classes at health care facilities are conducted in study rooms, near the patient’s bed, in treatment rooms, in different laboratories, etc. Teachers create optimal conditions for students, which are as close as possible to the conditions of future professional activity. According to the subject of the practical training, students are engaged in a certain medical-preventive institution, where, in addition to in-depth study of the material, they provide strong assistance to medical staff and care for the sick. In the course of industrial and undergraduate practical work students fully master all the features of the future profession, consistently, step by step, independently perform medical manipulations, laboratory researches, etc., guided by the standards of practical training of specialists. Using a strong clinical base for hands-on learning, students have the great opportunity to study the disciplines of the cycle of vocational and practical training directly at the patient's bed, to get acquainted with new diagnostic technologies and modern methods of treatment of patients. This gives the opportunity to bring the educational process as close as possible to the conditions in which graduates will have to work after completing their studies. All practical classes at health care facilities are conducted according to:

  • Order of the Department of Health “On approval of the bases for the training, industrial and undergraduate practice of students of the Higher Educational Communal Institution of Lviv Regional Council Andrey Krupynsky Lviv Institute of Nursing and Laboratory Medicine” no 822 dated October 29, 2015 for the period 2015-2020” (33 regional, city and 27 district hospitals were assigned).

  • Agreement on Cooperation with the State Institution “Lviv Regional Laboratory Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”.

  • Agreement on the Cooperation with the Lviv Separate Unit of the State Institution “Laboratory Center for Rail Transport of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine” dated 01.09.2016, for a period of 3 years.

At present, 28 training rooms are functioning at the clinical bases which create the necessary conditions for:

practical training,

developing practical skills and patient care items and more.

Certification of the practical bases is conducted

In recent years, the Academy concludes with practical bases:

  • Cooperation Agreements;

  • Utility compensation agreements;

  • Lease agreements for practical facilities (Lviv Regional Council Clinic “Lviv Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital “OKHMATDIT”, Municipal City Children’s Hospital, Lviv Regional Council Clinical Psychoneurological Dispensary”, Municipal 4-th Polyclinic, Laboratory Center of Railway of Ukraine, small enterprise «Hai» and others).

Payment for passing industrial and undergraduate practice consists of:

  • Practice Agreement (under Form 384)

  • Calculation of the cost of practical classes

  • Attachment to the utility reimbursement agreement

  • Act of acceptance - transfer of completed works

The result of the quality of training of specialists is conducting competitions "Best by Profession" in the final courses, before sending students to undergraduate practice. We invite the chief nurses of the relevant specialties to participate in the judging of the competitions. One form of enhancing one's professional skills is working in scientific student societies; participation in scientific researches opens to students:

  • new knowledge,

  • reveals creative ability,

  • professional qualities of the future specialist,

  • generates a creative approach to the organization of his work

The heads of scientific student societies develop:

  • Topics of search and research

  • Direct students' activities to study recommended literature

  • They hold consultations

  • They help to summarize and systematize the results

An effective form of integration of the Academy's cooperation with healthcare institutions. The completion of practical knowledge of clinical teaching staff, senior students occurs at research conferences. Leading healthcare professionals, practitioners and nurses participate in the conferences.

The staff of the Academy takes an active part in conducting mass actions on disease prevention in the Lviv region: The highly appreciated work of our institution is a good response of the heads of health care institutions, chief nurses, senior nurses of departments about our students at practice and graduates of the Academy.