Chair of Social and Natural Sciences


Head of Chair Rutar Stephan, Candidate of Philosophical Scieces, Associate Professor. Co-author of 9 editions of the political science textbook and 2 editions of textbook “Political and legal systems of the world”. Author of a number of publications on philosophical, sociological and political analysis of post-communist transformations of the countries of Central Europe and Ukraine. He teaches such disciplines as philosophy, basics of philosophical knowledge and the sociology of medicine.


Members of the chair:

Kost Mykola – Candidate of Sciences in Physical education and sports. Jaworska Janna – Candidate of economics, associate professor. Olijnyk Natalia - Candidate of Political Science, Goth Irina - teacher of the first category, Verbova Tatiana - teacher of the highest category. Partika Ulyana - a teacher of the II category. Prots Tetiana - a teacher of the highest category, a methodist. Andrey Zelinsky - a teacher of the highest category, a methodist. Dyachenko Lesya - teacher of the highest category, methodist. Kravtsov Leonid - teacher of the II category. Shumelda Vasily - teacher of the first category. Lopushinskiy Mikhail – a teacher of the II category, Sushko Olga – a teacher of “Fundamentals of biological physics and medical equipment”.

List of Disciplines, conducted by the chair members

1. Philosophy

2. Fundamentals of philosophical knowledge

3. Sociology of Medicine

4. Health Economics.

5. Marketing medical services

6. Fundamentals of economic theory

7. History of Ukraine

8. Human growth and development

9. Pharmacology and medical prescription.

10. Fundamentals of pharmacology

11. Physical education

12. Fundamentals of biological physics and medical equipment

Scientific topic of the chair

Actual problems of introducing interactive and innovative technologies in the teaching of philosophy and other humanities. Tasks of the chair within the modernization of the pedagogical process: to participate with students in round tables, conferences on reforming the health care system, to participate with students in scientific conferences on the philosophical analysis of the transformation process of modern Ukrainian society, to make the most use of the most interactive forms of teaching in the form of presentations with slides, debates and computer testing.