Chair of Clinical (Therapeutical) Disciplines

<4D6963726F736F667420576F7264202D20CAE0F4E5E4F0E020E4EBFF20F1E0E Head of ChairOleksyuk-Nekhames Alla, lecturer of higher category, Candidate of Medical Sciences, author of 105 publicatopns, 1 patent, 4 informative letters.   kaf nexames

Members of Chair:

Jubryd Maria, teacher if higher category, Dub Natalya, Candidate of Science in Public Administration, methodist Assistant Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences. Shulyar Irina, methodist Byalyy Andriy, teacher of highest category, Ph. D. On public administration Bezkolaina Ulyana, methodist Humenchuk Irina, Datsko Lidiya, methodist Kuzmenko, Kostereva Nataliya, Simvanich Natalya, Muzyka Oksana, a teacher of highest category, Ph.D. on public administration Nedilko Roxolana, methodist Nazar Natalia, Shaval Olga, teacher of highest category Yaremchuk Oksana, Bilobryvka Victoriya.

List of Disciplines, conducted by the chair members

  1. Fundamentals of Nursing

  2. Internal Medicine

  3. Pharmacology with medical prescription

  4. Clinical Pharmacology with Toxicology

  5. Nursing in Psychiatry and Narcology

  6. Nursing in family medicine for disabled people of ІІ groups with visual impairments

  7. Nursing in Otolaryngology

  8. Therapy and Massage in Internal Organ Diseases

  9. Nursing in Internal Medicine

  10. Public Health Nursing

  11. Management and Leadership in Nursing

  12. Nursing in family medicine

  13. Nursing in Internal Medicine

  14. Dermatology and Venereology with Research Results

  15. Fundamentals of Otolaryngology

  16. Nursing in internal medicine

  17. Internal medicine

  18. Medical and social rehabilitation

  19. Nursing in gerontology and geriatrics and palliative medicine

  20. Clinical pathology

  21. Clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Scientific and Methodical Work:

Main directions of teaching and guiding of the chair:

1. Mastering the quality of the pedagogical process in teaching the stages of the nursing process, depending on the clinical discipline.

2. Improvement of scientific research and use of new pedagogical approaches to improve the pedagogical process in teaching different disciplines in clinical nursing

Methodical recommendations

  1. Oleksyuk-Nekhames A. methodical recommendations on the discipline “Clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics” for Master’s degree students, (parts: “Clinico-pharmacological characteristics of CNS drugs and anesthesia drugs”, “Clinical and pharmacological characteristics of drugs acting on the afferent and efferent departments of the peripheral nervous system”, “Clinical and pharmacological characteristics of neuroleptic, tranquilizing, sedative, normotimic drugs, antidepressants, psychomotor stimulators”.

  2. Jubryd M. methodical recommendations on the discipline “Nursing in inner medicine” for Nursing department students (Module “Caring about patients with pathology of the digestive organs” on the topic: “Nursing tactics for diseases of the gallbladder, biliary tract”).

  3. Shavala O. and Datzko L. methodical recommendations on the discipline “Nursing in inner medicine” for Nursing department students on the topic “Subjective and objective methods of examination of the patient by a nurse”, “Instrumental methods of examination. The role of a nurse in their fulfillment”, “Laboratory methods of examination. The role of a nurse in their fulfillment”.

  4. Yaremchyk O. methodical recommendations for independent extracurricular work of students on the discipline “Nursing in family medicine” for Nursing department students.

  5. Oleksyuk-Nekhames A. on-line version of lectures on the discipline “Clinical Pharmacology with Toxicology”, Clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics”, “Nursing in Psychiatry and Narcology” .

Scientific topic of the chair: “Peculiarities of therapeutical clinical justification for various diseases and the role of the nursing process in the internal medicine clinics”