Chair of Laboratory and Hygiene disciplines


Head of Chair: Fedorovuch Ulyana, a lecturer of higher category, a methodist, “Honors educator of Ukraine”, “Honored Education worker of Ukraine”


Members of Chair:

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Berezovskaya I, deputy head - Shashkov Y., Bilan-Maslyanik S., Zasanska G., Kostiv Z., Meniv N., Nazar O., Tsitsyura N., Gopanenko O.- Candidate of Biological Sciences, Tsyunik N. Guziy I, Kobylyanska L., Rizun G., Firman N., Naumenko V.

List of Disciplines, conducted by the chair members

  1. Infectology

  2. Nursing in infectology

  3. Nursing in Dermatology and Venereology

  4. Fundamentals of Dermatology and Venereology

  5. Fundamentals of dermatovenereology

  6. Military medical training and emergency medicine

  7. Biological chemistry with biochemical methods of research

  8. Laboratory engineering

  9. Infectious diseases with the basics of epidemiology

  10. Microbiology with the basics of immunology and technique of microbiological research

  11. Techniques of laboratory works

  12. Microbiology, virology and immunology

  13. Occupational hygiene and industrial sanitation with methods of sanitary-hygienic research

  14. Food hygiene with the methods of sanitary-hygienic research

  15. Hygiene with the basics of ecology and sangig research technique

  16. Radiation hygiene

  17. Public hygiene with the basics of sanitary and general ecology

  18. Fundamentals of ecology and preventive medicine

  19. The child and the environment

  20. Epidemiology

  21. Epidemiology with medical parasitology

  22. The basics of occupational safety and health in the industry

  23. Labor protection in the industry

  24. Safety of life

  25. Fundamentals of psychology and interpersonal communication

  26. Fundamentals of medical informatics

  27. Nursing Ethics and Deontology

  28. Medical and biological physics

  29. Fundamentals of biological physics and medical equipment

  30. Social medicine and the organization of health care

  31. Information technology in medicine

  32. Disinfection

  33. Prevention of nosocomial infections


Scientific and Methodical Work:

21 typical educational programmers, 17 controlling programmers, 118 methodological recommendations and notebooks for independent extra curriculum work of students.

Scientific work:

  1. Textbooks: “Nursing in infectious diseases (atlas) (Prof. Shegedin M.B., Kravtsov V.V., Barchuk S.V., 2008); “Nursing in Infectious Diseases (Prof. Shehedin M.B., Kravtsov V.V., Barchuk S.V., 2009); "Special Microbiology" part 1 (Fedorovich U.M., 1998); “Special Microbiology” part 2 (Fedorovich U.M., 2001); “Special Microbiology” part 3 (Fedorovich U.M., 2008); “Special Microbiology” part 1. Electronic version (Fedorovich U.M., 2016);

  2. Textbooks: “Dermatological and venereal diseases ”(co-authored by Zaychenko M.M, 2005); “Nursing in Dermatology and Venereology” (co-authored by Zaychenko M.M., 2008); “Hygiene of Children and Adolescents” (co-authored by Shashkov Yu.I., 2005); “Occupational Health and Industrial Sanitation” (co-authored by Nazar A.Yu., 2002); “Nursing in Infectology” (co-authored by Barchuk S.V., 2007); “Nursing in infectology” (co-authored by Barchuk S.V., 2010);

  3. Laboratory manuals: “Special laboratory manual on microbiology”

  4. Participation in development of educational norms on specialty “laboratory diagnostics”.

  5. Topic of the scientific work of the chair: “Modern aspects of diagnostics of infectious diseases. Prophylaxis of the diseases”.