Andrei Krupynskyi Lviv Medical Academy

The diagnosis should be made very carefully.

 Ungrounded, premature adoption of this or that

decision brings the doctor bad fame

Andrey Krupynskyi

Andrei Krupynskyi Lviv Medical Academy is one of the oldest higher education institutions not only in Ukraine but also in Europe. On October 1, 2019, it was 246 years old.

      The grand opening of the Lviv Obstetric Collegium took place on October 1, 1773. This is the day of birth of medical education in Western Ukrainian Lands. During 1773 - 1784 more than 60 doctors of general profile has been trained at this educational institution. Among the graduates were representatives of different nationalities, as evidenced by the fact that our collegium has gained a good reputation far beyond Galicia. During the period of existence of the Imperial-Royal School, 3 460 midwives with high moral, spiritual and professional qualities have been graduated.

In 1919 the Imperial-Royal Midwifery School in Lviv was renamed to the State Midwifery School in Lviv with a term of studying of 2 years based on 7 classes. Age of the entrants ranged from 17 to 35 years. The graduates had received a diploma with the right to practice throughout Poland. During this period, 1 000 midwives had graduated.

In August 1939 Western Ukraine was incorporated into the Bolshevik Empire under the guise of reunification with Ukraine. The educational institutions of Lviv were reorganized. At that time fascists came to our land and the war interrupted the activity of the School.

In August 1944 the School renovated its activity. Aikui Dubashydze, Armenian by nationality, major in medical service, headed the Lviv Midwifery School in 1945. It continued to work until 1967, when it was renamed to Lviv Medical School. In January 1949 the current building No. 70 in P. Doroshenko Str. had been given to the School by the Regional Health Department.

        A college has emerged in a large family of medical institutions in Ukraine. This status with the right to carry out educational activity according to the I - II qualification levels was granted to Lviv Medical College by the decision of the Interbranch Accreditation Commission of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine of March 24, 1993.

        In 1998 for the first time in Ukraine at our educational institution the enrolling of students with hearing disabilities was carried out for the specialty 224 Technologies of medical diagnostics and treatment (specialization Laboratory diagnostics). 73 such specialists have already been graduated.

In 2007 the enrollment of visually impaired students in specialty 223 Nursing (specialization Nursing, qualification “nurse massager”). At present 41 such specialists have been graduated.

On September 30, 2015 the Medical College was renamed to “Andrei Krupunskyi Lviv Institute of Nursing and Laboratory Medicine” by the order of the Lviv Regional Council, and in 2017 the first enrollment of Masters in Nursing took place.

On August 19, 2019 Higher Educational Communal Institution of Lviv Regional Council “Andrei Krupynskyi Lviv Institute of Nursing and Laboratory Medicine” was renamed to Higher Educational Communal Institution of Lviv Regional Council “Andrey Krupynsky Lviv Medical Academy” by the order of Lviv Regional Council.

Currently, the following specialists are trained at the Academy:

 223 Nursing “Nursing” - Junior Bachelor, Bachelor, Master;

“Midwifery” - Junior Bachelor;

“Sanitary Medical Assistants” - Junior Bachelor;

224 Technologies of medical diagnostics and treatment “Laboratory Diagnostics” - Junior Bachelor, Bachelor;

221 Dentistry “Orthopedic dentistry” - Junior Bachelor;

“Dentistry” - Junior Bachelor;

226 Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy - Bachelor.

       The training process is provided by three Doctors of Sciences, 45 Candidates of Sciences.

   In December 2018, the Institute of Nursing was the winner of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education in Ukraine”, which will last until the end of 2022.